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Marketing Sales and Trading.
The group was initially established in early 2008 and has since grown from strength to strength providing oilfield equipment, and related services & solutions for some of the most demanding Middle East clients such as Saudi Aramco.

Over the past years due to demand, Pro Solutions Group has diversified its trading activities to include a wide variety of equipment, products and services from reputable companies which we represent in Saudi Arabia from countries around the globe.

Our Marketing and Sales department is trained to immediately response to all industry related requests from our valued clients.

Material Supply Capability.
Pro Solutions Group is experienced and proficient in international procurement, logistics, and supply chain management from consolidation, importation, warehousing, and local delivery to various destinations all over Saudi Arabia. 

WE offers dedicated service to the procurement of all types of engineering equipment anywhere in the world from LONG LEAD to URGENT requirements. Our clients can enjoy all the benefits of global purchasing power. Specialized product knowledge and expert negotiating skills complimented by comprehensive forwarding arrangements which ensure a unique, fast and cost effective means for the prompt procurement of all your requirements in this important field.

Product Range:

Main Products                  Type 
Valves                  Ball, Gate, Check, Butterfly, Globe, Plug, and as required by client. 
Pipes                  Seamless, E.R.W., S.A.W., Spiral, Stainless 
Flanges                                  Weld Neck, Blind, Socket Weld, and as required by client. 
Fittings                           Elbow, Tee, Bend, Reducer, and Cap.
Ultrasonic Intelligent Sensor          Corrosion/Erosion Monitor, Sand/Particle Monitor, Pig (Scraper) Detector,
                                                         and Leak Monitor.
Explosion Protected Electrical Equipment such as:
                                                         Ex Lighting, Control Station, Junction/Terminal Boxes, Signaling & Special
                                                         Purpose Equipment, Pressurized 
Equipment, Custom Built Switchboards and
                                                         Control Station, and other Explosion Protected Electrical materials. 

However, since the core business activities have expanded from primarily Oilfield equipment to that of a fully fledged Solutions Provider of related services. By being a multi-services provider, Pro Solutions Group is uniquely placed along the Oilfield equipment services value chain through its in-house capabilities. Depending on the client's requirements, Pro Solutions Group can provide services on a stand-alone basis or as an integrated package of services, taking full responsibility for supply chain management.